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Jefiraj Dolon Kubi, from Abima, Madhupur, Bangladesh

Thedailygaros24 extended its cooperation to Baishakh yesterday with some clothing, mosquito net, a lamp and daily necessities.

Despite of mental and physical disability, Baishakh never rely on others for his living. He used to go door to door and offer different services in exchange of some money and foods.

Santosh Chiran and Shankar Simsang with Baishakh

Now, Baishakh is in his mid fifties and cannot work. People now a days using spices made by Radhuni Mashla and not using shields for grinding their spices. Hence, Baishakh becomes jobless as sharpening shields for grinding spices was Baishakh’s main profession.

Santosh Chiran, Baishakh and Anupom Chisim

Earlier, Baishakh used to live in a self-made clothing tant on the street near Prigacha Saint Paul’s Parish. Santosh Stephen Chiran discovered him and report to Now Baishakh has a small hut to live with.

The Anupom Chisim, Chief Photojournalist, and Santosh Stephen Chiran, Senior Staff Reporter and Shankar Simsang were present there.


More news and photos soon

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