Sumila Ritchil gets a new home

Bangladesh Garo Songho (BGO) stands beside her

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Staff Reporter from Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Sumila Ritchil(70), a Garo woman who used to rely on others for her living, is getting a new house today. Bangladesh Garo Organization (BGO), a group of Garo youth, stands beside the helpless woman and making a house for her.


Donald Hawee, a music composer and singer, discovered 2 Garo women while they were begging at a market place and posted their photos with short article in the social media and it went viral.

Sumila in her broken house
Donald Hawee with mattress and some clothing for Sumila

Some journalists from extended their helping hands instantly just after reading the post in the social media.
Later, Donald took an interview of the women and uploaded it in the social media and youtube.

BGO and neighbours building a new house for Sumila

Watching the video interview the BGO members decided to extend cooperation to Sumila. BGO raised a small fund and decided to build house for Sumila. The BGO family with the help of Sangra and Palashtola villagers are making house under the direct supervision of Donald Sangma. The newly built house will be handed over to Sumila on 5 May 2017.

Some members of Bangladesh Garo Songho (BGO)

Sumila had a small hut that had been destroyed by heavy rain and wind. Since then, she was living under the open sky!


Impossible itself says I/m/possible!

Donald and BGO team are now at Telikhali in Haluaghat under Mymensingh district. They are in action to build the new house for Sumila.


More photos and news soon



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