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Breaking News: Jewel leaves Bangladesh for Lanka

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Staff Reporter, from Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Jewel Areng, MP of Mymensingh-Haluaghat-1 constituency, left Bangladesh yesterday for Sri Lanka to join IPU conference.


Jewel Areng MP on Air Plane
Jewel Areng is also going to represent Bangladesh in the Regional Meeting of Young Parliamentarians of the Asia-Pacific in Sri Lanka.

It is Areng’s first representation out of the state as a member of the parliament.

Jewel Areng MP

Jewel Areng, a Catholic from the Garo Indigenous group, was elected to Parliament in the by-election.

He is the youngest parliamentarian and also the only Catholic faith among 350 members in the parliament.

Areng is a member Awami League, the ruling party, and is the son late Advt Promod Mankin, former State minister of Social Welfare, who died following a long battle with cancer.

Jewel Areng MP

On last 18 July, Areng won a total of 170,204 votes, defeating Mst. Selina Khatun, who begged only 14,338 votes. The seat was left vacant after the death of Areng’s father, who had been elected four consecutive terms in the parliament election.

The elderly leader was highly respected by the local mass people, largely Muslim, who awarded his son the same seat in the parliament.

There are about 165 million inhabitants in Bangladesh, of which 97 per cent profess the Islamic faith. Only 3 per cent of the population is Hindu, Buddhist, and the remaining .04 per cent is Christian. There are 45 ethnic groups and half of the Christians belong to indigenous all over the country.

His family asks for sincere prayers for his success representation of Bangladesh in the Regional Meetings of Young Parliamentarians of the Asia Pacific.

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