Br. Dominic Dances at Silga’s birthday

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Staff Reporter from New York, United States

Dominic mree(77), a former Holy Cross brother and teacher, danced at 9th birthday of Silga Cicilia Chisim Dulki at the Heart of India yesterday.

Silga, a fourth graders, celebrates her 9th birthday on 27 April 2017 at Heart of India.

Angela Nokrek, Peter Prem, Thomas Mankhin, Sagrey Chisim Turjo, Aski Cathrine Chisim, Balsree Francilia Chisim, Tripti Monica Chisim, Babul D’ Nokrek, Alo Hadima, Rashayon Hadima and Jonathan Hadas Edwards, Consulting Editor, among others, were present at the birthday party.


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