Boishakh Leads Inhuman Life

Needs cooperation, not help!

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Staff Reporter, Abima, Madhupur, Bangladesh

Despite of physical and mental disabilities, Boishakh, an iron man who never begs and work hard whole life just for his living, now, is leading an ‘inhuman life’ in Pirgacha, Abima, Madhupur.

“Boishakh has no home and he lives under the open sky just putting a ‘own made tant with torn cloths. He visits home to home and earns some foods or money in exchange of sharpening spice grinders”, our staff reporter said.

Boishakh in front of his ‘Home’

Boishakh, who has a very strong sense of self dignity, is in his fifties and always work hard for his living. He never begs or takes help from others. He is a role model in honesty, simplicity and self dignity.

“Boishakh needs cooperation, not help to get a home”, Santosh S Chiran, a journo, said.

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