Adibasi students of JKKNIU visits Mrittika Sangskritik Kendro

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Liza Nokrek, from Abima, Madhupur, Bangladesh

A team of 12 indigenous students of Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University(JKKNIU) visited Mrittika Sangskritik Kendro at Joynagacha, a remote village in Madhupur, Tangail, Bangladesh, on 12 may 2017. They participated in a discussion meeting with the young friends of Mrittika, mostly children and teens, and planted Tha’mandi, special root-food grow by local Garos, at the end of the program.

Tha’mandi plantation program by Mrittika members

The friends of Mrittika Sangskritik Kendro welcome the students of KKNIU, 11th batch, with welcoming music and dance when they reached there around 2:00pm.

Porag Ritchil receiving books from the visiting students team

The team spelled-bound the hundred kids and teens of the Mrittika Sangskritik Kendro 3 hours motivating and entertaining with music, dance and demonstrating origami.

Heart-throb cultural program was presented at the end of the day at Mukto Moncho (open stage program) at Mrittika premises.

A group of students from JKKNIU Ja’dil Mree, Bijoya Sumi Rokho, Thanksrua Thenchi, Nightingale Eliza, Daina Chiran, Nilima M Marak, Tonmoy M Kubi, Dhananjoy Dibru, Daniel Tripura, Shaon Ruram, Purno Alexis Mrong, Betan Tripura & Merian Jranga Mree

The visiting students contributed some books for Mrittika library. Jewel Bin Jahir led Tha’mandi plantation at 50 children and teens’ home premises.

A discussion meeting

Anthropologist Jobaida Nasrin, an Associate Professor of Dhaka University, Roben Nokrek, Jaynagacha Sub-Parish, Porag Ritchil, President of Mrittika Sangskritik Kendro, Jewel Bin Jahir, Secretary General of Mrittika, Prominent Singer Jadu Ritchil, among others, were present at the program.


Liza Nokrek, Organizer, Mrittika Sangskritik Kendro.

Photo credit: Ja Dil



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