A Little Prayer to Him….

A poem by Babul D' Nokrek with Bangla Translation

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Reading Time: 1 minute
[If you want to read the poem in Bangla, please click on the FIRST line of the poem, marked with green colour]
He walked with you baby! I see, Still He walks
He talks and talks, and He silently laughs
He takes care us and loves a lot thee!
Blessings are being showered like a sea!
What will thy do with my love?
It will make life a bit more tough!
Go to beach and make mind fresh
Throw all worry in the trash…
Ask Him and keep all worries in His hands
And feel His, with heart, all kindness
I never ask Him for any gift
As I knew I am not so fit!
Oh God! let the cup go far from her sky
(Let her tell dark nights soon good bye.)
If, instead, need me, I am here to die!
Babul is Writer, Lyricist, Software Engineer & Journalist
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