A Garo youth composes Electra Dubstep music

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Staff Reporter from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Donald Hawee, a singer and music composer, recently composed electra dubstep music.

Donald, usually, composes Bangla and Garo modern and romantic music. He is also a lyricist and singer who occasionally produces video composition too. Donald has recently completed Bachelor in science and an intensive course on music composition in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He intends to go for higher study in music composition in abroad in future and dreams of becoming a great musician. Click here to listen Donald’s electro dubstep music composition.


Donald Hawee

This is the first time that he has composed a music electro dubstep in nature.


Donald Hawee in a Music studio

Donald, a student of Masters in National University, composed some music for Bangladesh Television (BTV) and BTV World. He is also a listed artist of BTV.

For more musics composed by Donald Hawee, please click here to go to youtube and click here to listen his music on Sound Cloud. To enjoy dubstep music and dance click here.





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